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Thermoconductive Silicone Paste H

  • Thermoconductive Silicone Paste H
  • Thermoconductive Silicone Paste H

Weight: 100 g

Quantity in package: 1

Stock code: 93P1204AT

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Properties of Thermo conductive Silicone Paste H

  • makes easy heat flow between electronic components and radiator,
  • necessary in correct working of different thermo-gauges,
  • protects from weather conditions,
  • puncture-resisting,
  • is characterized by very good chemical resistance to oxidation, effects of aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis, salts, sulphur dioxide and ammonia,
  • has wide range of working temperature: from -50°C up to 200°C.
>Properties of Thermo conductive Silicone Paste H
Ignition temperature°C350
Congealing point°C-50
Refraction ratio 1,405
Specific heat in temp. 50°CCal x g-1 x °C0,35
Heat transfer ratio in temp. 0-150°CCal x cm-1 x sek-1 x °C1 x 10-3
Permittivity by f=102Hz 2,74
Dielectric strength KV/mm14
Cross resistanceΩ x cm1,37 x 1014
Tangent of an dielectric loss angle by f=102Hz 6 x 10-4
Range of working temperature°C-50 - 200