Heat transfer reflective film

  • Heat transfer reflective film
  • Heat transfer reflective film

Thickness: 100 µm

Dimension: 0,5 x 1 m

Colour: blue

Type: TF-0222

Peeling: hot

Stock code: 6X95SM0Q5BL

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Thanks to Flex Heat Transfer Film, you can create your uniqe pattern on t-shirts, pillows or bags. You have to print it, cut by using a cutting plotter and heat it into the material by press. There is a lot of kinds of Flex Film depending on the properties and the final effect: standard, metallic, glitter, pearl, sublistop, neon, reflective, etc.
On your request, we can provide a flock or flex film's template - please ask your sales manager for details.


Blue, reflective flex heat transfer film

  • Thickness of the foil with the backing: 0.27mm ± 0.03mm
  • Film thickness without backing: 100µm
  • Dimensions: 0.5 x 1 m
  • Flex foil with reflective effect does not contain adhesive backing
  • The foil is designed to be heat onto polyester, oxford, tapes and other fabrics
  • Ideal to be used on sports clothes or to create an interesting effect on ordinary t-shirts
  • In the light of the spotlights, colorful reflective foil reflects nicely, like a luminous foil, so we can make fashionable prints on it, e.g. for Halloween, prints of light bulbs, the sun or other objects associated with light
  • Reflective foil heat on sports or children's clothes increases the visibility in cloudy days. It will also be perfect as a decorative and warning element with strollers, jackets or pants
  • Due to the full coverage, the light-reflecting flex foil can be applied to dark and light fabrics
  • Smooth flex foil works well when cutting on a plotter and when selecting unnecessary elements
  • Thin transfer foil is for single color projects, putting on clothes (T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, workwear) and bags
  • T-shirts and other elements marked with flex foil are pleasant to wear and easy to maintain - they can be washed at 40oC
  • See more flex foil in other vivid colors
Application manual:
  • Cut the selected pattern on the plotter in a mirror image, you should cut the foil without a transparent polyester spacer
  • Select any unnecessary pieces of foil
  • Place the foil on a T-shirt, vest or other medium and heat for 10 seconds at 140oC medium pressure
  • Remove the clear transport foil while hot (immediately after opening the press)
  • For reuse, iron the pattern again at 140oC for about 15 seconds using silicone support paper Matte Finish or AntiStick