Magic-Chart blackboard

  • Magic-Chart blackboard
  • Magic-Chart blackboard
  • Magic-Chart blackboard
  • Magic-Chart blackboard


Dimension: 60 x 80 cm

Quantity of sheets: 25

Stock code: EM60X80LMBK

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It is not a magic - it's MAGIC CHART, special self-adhesive film, used as mobile blackboard
  • Highest electrostatic properties of the film means that sheets will stick to almost any surface (wood, concrete, glass, wallpaper) by themselves (no adhesive required). Simply unroll the film and smooth it onto the wall.
  • Can be written on using: edding neon board markers, edding paint markers.
  • Can be used to black out / darken windows in case bright sun light makes it difficult to gibe beamer presentation; to create a chalk board effect; e.g. present a restaurant menu in an original way.
  • Magic-chart blackboard is not erasable; exeption: if writing is done with chalk or neon board markers.
  • Non-erasable Magic chart can be erased 2 to 3 times with a moist cloth; shortly after aplying the ink.
  • Perforations mean that individual sheets can be torn direct from the pack with easy.
  • Presentation cards and notices will stick to the surface of the film without help.
  • Handy, lightweight pack makes easy to carry about.
  • Environmentally - friendly material will not tear and can be recycled in full.
  • Roll of film with 25 black sheets.
  • Roll width 60 cm, perforations every 80 cm.
  • Approx. weight of pack: 500 g.
  • thickness - 50 microns