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Our Sales Department opening hours 8:00 - 16:00 from Monday to Friday.

Shopping through the website can be carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Shopping in the office can be realized in hours 8:00 - 16:00 from Monday to Friday.


  1. Finding a product
  2. Adding to a shopping cart
  3. Placing an order
  4. Logging and Registration
  5. Payment, terms and conditions
  6. Your account
  7. Promotion
  8. Complaints
  9. Warranty and returns
  10. Privacy policy
  11. Newsletter


The products available in AGAWA.PL Sp. z o.o. are divided into main categories which are further divided into sub-categories.

Menu on the left side of the page provides an easy and convenient access to all our products.

Another way to find products is to use our search engine located on the top of the page: enter words selected by keywords and click.


The easiest is to use our secure online ordering through this website. Just go to our online product catalogue and click on the item or items to see the detailed description. On the right side of each detailed description page there is a button labelled "Add do cart". You will see the item added to your shopping cart. Our shopping system allows for reviewing cart contents at any time.

You will be still on the side of the goods and can continue to choose the products you want to buy.

When you added all the desired items to your shopping cart, and would like to change the quantity, simply change the number in column quantity and click


To remove an item from your shopping cart, click the


If you would like to discontinued while shopping in our store and you are logged in to your Account, after you log out items will not be removed. You can return to it after you log in at any time. And if you are not logging in to your Account, items are stored for a 24 hours (cookies enabled).


When ready to complete your order, click on the shopping cart icon, located in the upper right corner of the page. You will be redirected to the page with the contents of the basket. If you wish to add more goods to order, click on the "Continue shopping" button.
Then log in using your Customer ID and password. If you do not have an ID yet, please fill in the form "Register".

Here you will be asked to specify whether you are a VAT payer or not.

You pay with VAT if you are:

  • from European Union and you did not have Taxpayer Identification Number
  • from European Union and your Taxpayer Identification Number is inactive
  • from European Union and your Taxpayer Identification Number is valid but the ordered goods stay in Poland

You pay without VAT if you are:

  • from European Union and you have valid Taxpayer Identification Number
  • from outside the European Union

In the next step, the order should specify the type of payment and delivery method and click "To order summary".

At this stage, you can also add products from the cart to favorites, so the next time you could order quicker and easier your "favorite" goods (only for registered Customers).

The third step is a summary of the order. Please, check the ordered items, personal data and other details. If you would like to make changes at this stage, just return to the previous step by clicking the "Back to edit".

If everything is correct, select the "Order"

Your order is sent to the Sales Department of AGAWA.PL Sp. o.o. and will be processed within short period of time by our Sales Representative.


To log in, click the "Log in" button located in the upper right corner of the page. You can also log in at the time of placing an order in the first step in the shopping cart.

If you do not have your Customer ID yet, click "Register", located in the upper right corner of the page and fill in the registration form. After filling out the necessary fields, click "Register".

The account is also set up automatically after sending the cooperation request form, the training registration form, the sales form and the leasing form. Sending the form is tantamount to accepting of account registration in our AGAWA.PL store.

At your e-mail address there will be sent information with Customer ID. Received ID and password are very important element of cooperation with the online shop AGAWA.PL. It will enable you to review current and past orders, paid and un-paid invoices, failed transactions, track your deliveries, edit your personal datas and give access to favorites.


Prices indicated in our online shop are given with (gross price included polish VAT) and without VAT (net price excluded polish VAT).

If you have a valid European Community VAT number, total amount on your invoice will not include VAT taxation.

If you do not have a valid European Community VAT number, total amount on your invoice will include 23% Polish VAT.

If you would like to apply European Community VAT number, you should contact responsible authorities in your country.
If you are not a resident of the European Union, the invoice amount will not include 23% Polish VAT.

* VAT - Value Added Tax


International Customers: prepayment is required.

Santander Bank Polska S.A.
EUR Account No:
IBAN: PL 76 1090 2590 0000 0001 3507 8016
USD Account No:
IBAN: PL 65 1090 2590 0000 0001 3507 8020



AGAWA.PL shall be referred to in these Terms and Conditions as "the Company" and the purchaser or proposed purchaser of the products supplied by the Company as "the Customer". All quotations are given and all orders are accepted on these terms, and shall exclude any other terms or conditions stipulated or incorporated or referred to by the Customer. We communicate with our customers by email or phone.

The Company reserves the right to withdraw or amend a quotation until an order has been accepted.

All prices are given net, free of VAT (Value Added Tax) or any other taxes as well as in gross (with polish 23% VAT).
If you do have a valid European Community VAT number, total amount on your invoice will not include VAT tax.
If you do not have a valid European Community VAT number, total amount on your invoice will include 23% Polish VAT. The taxes will be added to the prices at the rate prevailing at the date of the invoice.
If you are not a resident of the European Union, the invoice amount will not include 23% Polish VAT.

All payments must be made in advance of shipment. Payment will be required in one of the following forms:

  • for customers making payments from territory of Poland and abroad: bank transfer, Paypal, credit card
  • additional forms of payment for customers making payments only from the territory of Poland: ePrzelew, BLIK, payment on delivery, loan payment, leasing

The invoices are issued in the currency in which our account was credited EUR/USD/PLN. The total amount may vary due to flexible EUR/PLN rates.

The Company will endeavour to deliver the products to the place specified by Customer within a reasonable time. However, all the delivery dates are approximate and are in no way the essence of the Contract.

All international shipments shall be handled by courier companies.

Delivery conditions of goods from AGAWA.PL are Ex Works (EXW) according to Incoterms rules. AGAWA.PL can organise delivery for Customer, when requested. Other forms of delivery on request.

Customer shall inspect the goods on receipt. All claims for shortage, error, defective material or other damage loss must be made by the customer within 48 hours after the receipt of goods by notifying the Company. If no written report is received within 48 hours, Customer will be deemed fully to have accepted the delivery.

Visible damage should be noted on the bill of landing on the receipt of the goods. If goods are signed for as complete, the claim shall be between carrier and Customer.

All shipping charges relating to the delivery of orders shall be invoiced to Customer unless otherwise agreed.

In the event of war, riot, explosion, fire, flood, lockout, shortage of material or labour, or any cause beyond the Company's control, delivery may be delayed until the events described are terminated and the situation has returned to normal.

The given price is for standard parcel weighing up to 30 kgs.

The sum of the circumference of the base and package height can not exceed 300 cm, where the height is the longest side of the package (2 x length + 2 x width + height ≤ 300 cm)

CountryCost of dispatch netCost of dispatch gross
Austria23,00 €28,29 €
Belgium17,00 €20,91 €
Bulgaria37,00 €45,51 €
Croatia41,00 €50,43 €
Czech Republic11,50 €14,15 €
Denmark21,00 €25,83 €
Estonia18,00 €22,14 €
Finland24,50 €30,14 €
France28,00 €34,44 €
Germany14,50 €17,84 €
Greece42,00 €51,66 €
Hungary20,00 €24,60 €
Ireland23,00 €28,29 €
Isle of Man61,00 €75,03 €
Italy30,50 €37,52 €
Latvia14,50 €17,84 €
Liechtenstein105,00 €129,15 €
Lithuania14,50 €17,84 €
Luxembourg18,50 €22,76 €
Netherlands15,00 €18,45 €
Norway100,00 €123,00 €
Poland4,40 €5,41 €
Portugal34,00 €41,82 €
Romania27,00 €33,21 €
Slovakia14,00 €17,22 €
Slovenia15,00 €18,45 €
Spain38,00 €46,74 €
Sweden23,00 €28,29 €
Switzerland75,00 €92,25 €

In the case of the countries not listed in the specification the transport costs will be calculated individually and our sales representative will present them via e-mail in order confirmation.

Delivery costs may change if the ordered goods do not fit into one standard shipment, when its size or weight exceeds the size of standard package, in the case of places difficult to reach and rarely served by courier companies.

In hereinabove mentioned situations the sales representative will contact with the customer via e-mail in order to possible correction of delivery costs.


Registering an account with us will allow you to check your account history and current order status.

Other advantages:

  1. Edit personal data.
  2. Preview purchasing and orders in progress.
  3. Quick transfer to a shopping cart the goods from the preview invoices.
  4. Checking receivables status.
  5. Managing goods in the "Favorites". Only person logged in with its own ID and password can add goods to "Favorites". Each product in AGAWA.PL shop has a button that allows to add the product to favorites. After logging in and entering in the "favorite" all visible items can be added to order by specifying required quantity of the item and selecting button "Add to favorites". At the same time, you can remove the product from favorites by clicking the "Remove from favorites".
  6. Checking whether your order has already left the store of AGAWA.PL, type of shipping (Fedex, DPD, Post), tracking number and the contents of your shipment.
  7. Access to complaints file and preview complaints in progress and complaints processed.
  8. Access to prepared specific promotional campaigns.
  9. Asking questions concerning the order or another, and preview inquiry history.
  10. Registration, filing and checking the status of the complaint on previously purchased item.


Setting up an account in our e-shop is possible:

  1. When placing the first order on You can start by adding products to the shopping cart, and the system asks you to fill your personal data necessary to set up an account. Your Sales Representative will inform you about your Customer ID in the order confirmation.
  2. When filling the registration form available on the website
  3. When you complete the form of cooperation, located on website your Sales Representative will contact you and inform about the given Customer ID.
  4. The account can be set up by Sales Department. Just send the request by email with the data necessary to set up an account in our system.

Placing an order for the first time by email, by phone or in any other way resulting setting up your account in our system.


1. Products for 1 € - for retail customers
For purchases above 150, 300 lub 800 € gross, we reward you with the opportunity to choose one item from the appropriate list for 1 Euro. Each level corresponds to a different goods list. The higher the amount on the invoice, the longer the list of available goods. The campaign is only for registered retail customers making purchases online. Details.
Taking advantage of Promotion - product for 1 Euro does not exclude participation in other promotions.

2. Products for 1 € - for wholesale customers
For purchases above 300, 800, 1800 or 3000 € (nett price), we reward you with the opportunity to choose one item from the appropriate list for a symbolic 1 Euro. Each level corresponds to a different goods list. The higher the amount on the invoice, the longer the list of available goods. The campaign is only for registered retail customers making purchases online. Details. You can log into website using link - my account


1. For all offered products AGAWA.PL Sp. o.o. provides one year warranty. The exceptions are for the selected items stores. A product with warranty other than one year, contains an adequate description in the details on page The guarantee does not cover:

- goods whose validity period has passed,
- goods which are found to interference by third parties (the seals affected, attempted repairs by unauthorized person),
- mechanically damaged goods, which are damaged by improper installation.

Warranty on laser toner cartridges applies, which usage does not exceed 70% of the capacity of the cartridge. Laser cartridge, where usage does not exceed 70% will be repaired first. AGAWA.PL company responds to the value of the purchased goods.

2. In case of complaint product, please contact with your Sales Representative.

The company AGAWA.PL excludes liability under the warranty for physical and legal defects of goods in accordance with article 558 of the Civil Code.

Complaints regarding quantity discrepancies in the shipment in relation to the order are accepted within 7 days following the date of dispatch of the goods. AGAWA.PL company ensures that each product leaving the warehouse is full value (free from defects). We make every effort in order to reach the same state to the Customer. Please open the package in the presence of the courier. In case of damage of the contents, be sure to include this information on the consignment. It is also necessary to write down the courier of the damage and immediate contact with Sales Department of AGAWA.PL.



The supplier warrants all the goods to be free from functional defects in material and workmanship, provided that they are not due to misuse or operation under adverse circumstances.


The goods can be returned only with the Company prior consent. Only approved returns will be accepted.

Consumer (private person, not the company) may withdraw the contract without justification (call-off). Goods purchased by Customers, who are not Consumers (individuals), are not refundable

The Company will not authorise any returns unless Customer notifies the Company by email within 14 days of delivery of the precise reason why return authorisation is being requested. The goods must be complete, including packaging in the same condition as supplied.
Customer has another 14 days for sending back the goods from sending the information about withdrawing the agreement.

The Company Agawa.PL will return to the consumer the money paid for the goods and standard way of delivery within 14 days after receiving delivery of items. The money will be paid back in the same way, as Customer transferred them, if it wasn’t agreed differently.

The right of withdrawing the agreement without justification doesn’t concern the goods produced on special Customer’s order, such us T-shirts with printouts, special planner board, etc.

In case of warranty returns, return authorisation is also required. When returning faulty printer consumables, a sample of the outprint must be provided. The Company will aim to resolve the complaint within 14 working days. Should the supplier abroad be consulted, the time limit may prolong to 30 working days. Returns must be shipped freight prepaid.
The return items will be sent at the customer's expense if the warranty claim is rejected (the damage caused by misuse, wrong storage, etc.)
Before shipping the faulty device (for eg. printer, plotter, transfer press, etc.) to the company AGAWA.PL Sp. z o.o. please contact your sales representative in order to arrange shipment of equipment. PLEASE DO NOT SEND EQUIPMENT WITHOUT AGREEMENT.

In case of supposition, that the printer is damaged as a result of using articles toners offered by AGAWA.PL, at first you should contact with Sales Department in our company. Otherwise, expertises from other companies or authorized services will not be recognized.


  1. The administrator of your personal data is AGAWA.PL spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with headquarters in Tomaszów Mazowiecki 38/40, Milenijna Street.
  2. Purpose of processing - we process your personal data because it is essential for:
    • setting up and managing your account and providing account servicing, transaction processing and technical troubleshooting
    • performance of activities under a purchase / sale agreement
    • handling complaints in case you make such a complaint
    • contacting, including for purposes related to the services providing
    The law requires from us processing your personal data for tax and accounting purposes.
    We process your personal data for the purposes indicated below, based on the justifiable law interest of AGAWA.PL, that is, the administrator of your personal data, which is:
    • conducting marketing activities towards you
    • providing payment services
    • ensuring the security of services that we deliver to you electronically
    • organization of loyalty programs, quizzes and promotional campaigns
    • debt collection; conducting court proceedings
    • storing data for archiving purposes, and ensuring accountability (proving compliance with our obligations under the law)
  3. Giving your data is a prerequisite to be able to settle and execute the sales contract concluded with you, and thus provide you the service.
    If for some reason you do not supply us with this personal data, unfortunately we will not be able to conclude a sales agreement with you.
  4. We guarantee the fulfillment of all your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Act, i.e. the right to access, correction and delete data, limit their processing, the right to transfer them, not to be subject of automated decision-making, including profiling, and also the right to express the objection to the processing of your personal data.
  5. You have the right to file a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data by us to the supervisory institution, which is PUODO - the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  6. Your data is provided to entities and institutions supporting us in the provision of services, i.e. that provides payment, credit and insurance services and performs postal and courier services.
  7. Storage period - we store your personal data for the duration of the contract concluded with you, and also after its completion for the purposes of:
    • claiming in connection with the pursuing the sales contract
    • performance of obligations arising from legal provisions, including tax and accounting particularly
    • prevention of abuse and fraud
    • statistical and archiving

At AGAWA.PL we pride ourselves on our exceptional standard of customer service. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your order or the service you receive, do not hesitate to contact any member of the AGAWA.PL team.

All names and trademarks on pages AGAWA.PL were used for informational purposes only.

Photos placed on our website can differ subtly from real products.

AGAWA.PL Sp. z o.o. makes every effort to ensure that the photos and information presented on the website are up-to-date and correct in terms of content. However, it can not guarantee lack of errors completely. Moreover, it is not responsible for errors that may occure from the content of materials provided by third parties (suppliers, manufacturers, etc.).

Registration number BDO 000011483 AGAWA.PL Sp. z o.o.


To receive marketing information (Newsletter) from our AGAWA.PL store to your e-mail account, you should:

  • subscribe by pressing the orange button with the inscription "Sign up to our Newsletter" located in the left column of the page
  • or select consent to email marketing during completing the registration form
After entering the e-mail address, a verification e-mail with a link to activate the Nesletter will be sent to the indicated mailbox. After clicking the link confirming the subscription, your address will be added to our marketing database.
You can unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time - here.