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AGAWA for children, young people... future artists

Since it has been set up, the company AGAWA.PL does not forget about the most needy. Especially children become motive and purpose of our actions: organization of our own shares and participation in numerous charitable campaigns initiated by other companies and associations. We also sponsor various events, festivals, etc. Below you will find the social, cultural and charitable events, which was sponsored, among others, AGAWA.PL company.

Technical school no 6 of Graphics, Logistics and Environment, at the Center for Vocational and Continuing Education in Sosnowiec
We are glad that we could support young people in gaining professional practice on our materials, thank you for the diploma of appreciation.
Greetings to students, the school management and the teaching staff. We wish the students a lot of success in further improving their skills in this direction.

Technical school no 6 of Graphics, Logistics and Environment - diploma
Technical school no 6 of Graphics, Logistics and Environment - diploma

School Graduation of Youth Sociotherapy Center in Rawa Mazowiecka
Thank you for the recognition diploma from young people of Youth Sociotherapy Center in Rawa Mazowiecka. Congratulations and happy vacation. We hope you enjoyed our gifts. We always support young people.

Family Picnic in Kurzeszyn
Family Picnic in Kurzeszyn Family Picnic in Kurzeszyn

Family Picnic in Kurzeszyn
A few days ago, an amazing "Family Picnic" took place in the small town, Kurzeszyn. The participants of the picnic were the charges of the Special Needs School from Rawa Mazowiecka. They asked us for unusual support, namely pillows with eye-catching and wise life sentences optimistic setting up juveniles. Working on such projects gives you a great satisfaction. We wish you further successes and perseverance for carers.

Family Picnic in Kurzeszyn
Family Picnic in Kurzeszyn Family Picnic in Kurzeszyn Family Picnic in Kurzeszyn

Mom, dad and me" and Agawa
Last Sunday, May 27th, 2018, we had the opportunity to be in the group of donors for children from Primary School in Zawada, which organized amazing famili picnic. There were performances of children from school, but also at the school's invitation performed: "KOBOS Dance" dance studio from Tomaszow Maz., dance instructor from Fanti Fitness Club, Marta Mysur - Taekwondo world champion and at the same time a policewoman from Tomaszow's KPP, Agnieszka Dębowska - a participant of "The Voice about Poland 2017 ". Moreover, there weren't missing additional attractions: a trampoline, inflatable toys, playing in the foam, a visit by firefighters, policemen with police horses, delicious dishes prepared by children with parents and the expected lotery. Thank you once again for inviting us to participate in such great event and we wish you continued success.

Mom, dad and me Mom, dad and me Mom, dad and me Mom, dad and me Mom, dad and me

Football tournament Mazovia Cup 2018 year 2009
Last Sunday, February 25, 2018, in one of the sports halls in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, a football tournament of young and talented children from 2009 was held. 8 teams from our province took part in the competition. Mazovia I finally won the second place. Congratulations to the winners of the tournament - RAP Radomsko and all other participants of the tournament. AGAWA.PL, as a company promoting physical activity, supported Mazovia Club with gifts for participants of the tournament.

Prizes for the patients of the Turner Syndrome Association Prizes for the patients of the Turner Syndrome Association

One mail and so much joy together
The Turner Syndrome Association has been exists since 1990 and still helps children in treatment and rehabilitation as well as parents in gaining financial resources for these purposes. Agawa.PL joined the action organized by the Association and funded aids for needy children.

Prizes for the patients of the Turner Syndrome Association

Prizes for the patients of the Turner Syndrome Association
The Turner Syndrome Association has been exists since 1990 and still helps children in treatment and rehabilitation as well as parents in gaining financial resources for these purposes. Agawa.PL joined the action organized by the Association and funded aids for needy children.

Prizes for the patients of the Turner Syndrome Association

Attract support and empathy
Any form of support youngest kiddies is worth much. We hope that our material-help "attract" others and encourage sharing and helping those in need.

Theatre for One Smile

Theatre for One Smile" next spectacle
Beautiful smiles on children's faces from the Education and Rehabilitation Centre "CHANCE" in Piotrkow Trybunalski, by the next performance lead by actors of "Theatre for One Smile".We are very pleased that we were able to share the joy and found some gifts during the event.

Theatre for One Smile

Football excitement in Tomaszow Mazowiecki
At the last holiday weekend, on the 27th of August 2016, in our city on the pitch of Lechia, there was held a soccer tournament for children in age group 2008. Emotions were on the highest level, in the tournament attended 12 teams. We are happy that our employee's son was awarded and was one of the better players of Red Lechia. Congratulations to all children, their parents and coaches. As one of the local companies, we have supported the organizers, providing gadgets for awards for children.

Football excitement in Tomaszow Mazowiecki Football excitement in Tomaszow Mazowiecki Football excitement in Tomaszow Mazowiecki Football excitement in Tomaszow Mazowiecki

Boards full of smiles
Children love to play with all kinds of art, which help them to develop their imagination and create incredibly creative works. This is why, with the pleasure, we donated Pre- and Primary School No. 9 in Belchatow. Now, kids have an corc board, where can hang their works. Good luck!

Pre- and Primary School in Belchatow

We help to fulfill childhood dreams
Recently, the company Agawa.PL has made its "brick" and supported financially "Foundation of Children's Fantasy." Each brick is extremely important, if only helps others, especially children, to fulfill their, even the finest, dreams in difficult times of coping with various serious illnesses. We feel a great joy to see the bright smiles on children's faces when they meet their fantasies.

We help to fulfill childhood dreams

Help on Time
Hurry to help others, especially when it comes to health. There are many in need and so few to help. We hope that our small "brick" will be one of many in the building a better life of dependants of Children Foundations.

Help on Time

"Theatre for One Smile" again
Once again we had the opportunity to support the initiative, which was the organization of the event before Christmas Time for children staying at the hospital. This time it took place in our local Health Center. With great joy we look at the smiling faces of babies.

Theatre for One Smile

Hematology Bogdani Family Foundation
Many areas of life requires support from our side. The most important of course is health itself. Agawa.PL helps to achieve the goals of one of the Foundation - Hematology Bogdani Family Foundation - dealing with assistance to people suffering from serious diseases of the hematopoietic and lymphatic as well as the development and improvement of knowledge in this field.

You also can help
The company Agawa.Pl is sensitive to the needs of others, which is why each year spend a certain budget to support sick children, dependents of many different foundations. We are very grateful that we can participate in such a noble initiatives and at the same time promote such assistance on a larger scale.

Christmas gifts for the childer of SOS Children's Villages
A house full of love for each child. This Christmas initiative will help to make childhood happier.

The project of social-educational
Great Test of English Language
We support the implementation of the national project. We proved that we know English at B1 level.

We prepare the base for the new school year
"Man is great not through what he has, not by what he is, but by what he shares with others"

"Theatre for One Smile"
Just a little bit of good will and staying in the Centre could be happy, cheerful, full of gifts. We are pleased that smile also appeared on the faces of dependents of Education and Rehabilitation Center "Chance" in Piotrkow Trybunalski.

Equipping eco-workshop
"A good tree coats with good fruit, a good man is known by his good deeds."
We are pleased that we can participate in the project, assist and equip the room that will serve students for many, many years.

Optimistic kindergarten
Smile and happiness of children is the direction of our actions.

"For you, Mom" for the second time
II District Competition "For you, Mom," came to an end. We are proud of the fact that we had our own contribution in the sponsoring prizes for the students of primary schools in Tomaszów Mazowiecki district. Congratulations to the winners.

Info-Tech – 4th edition
The idea of youth development is very important. Success in competition is one of many ways of development and self-realization of young people. We are proud of the fact, that the fourth time we had our own contribution to achieving further success of INFO-TECH competition Participants.

The joy on the faces of children ZSP in BrzeĽnica
For the generosity and understanding of the needs of the facility, for a heart that loves and helps the needy, for the support that brings joy and happiness on the faces of others.

We are very pleased that offered presentation boards will serve the Pre-School Team in BrzeĽnica in the coming years.

"Sanna" in Królowa Wola with AGAWA.PL
This winter has passed us with popularizing school youth tourism, support and assistance in the organization of the twentieth anniversary of the Winter Rally "Sanna" organized by the School Circle PTSM at the Primary School of Ignacy Moscicki in Królowa Wola.

Friend of Pre-Schooler
"Man is great not through what he has, not by what he is, but by what he shares with others.".

We managed to achieve the goal - funded a carnival gifts for kids from kindergarten in Drzewica - smile and happiness accompanied them throughout the duration of the Carnival Ball.

Pack for children
Spark of hope and a bit of joy in this Christmas we donate families in needs of Social Care Center in Główczyce. We are pleased that with our help Santa Claus arrived also to these families, and gifts not only turned out to be not come true dreams.

Such the Same
"Such the Same" is the Association of Parents of Disabled Children. Our company adding the “brick” in the form of a t-shirts with printed logo of the association, promotes the idea of helping children with disabilities. The joy of children and parents grateful for your help – priceless.

Joy of Preschooler
Joy of preschoolers, smile on their faces and satisfaction. For such emotions we should help. We are very pleased that we could support Kindergarten No. 17 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

Dreams come true
For the hearts of the precious supreme delight, the second joy in the misery they bring.
Cooperation with the Foundation of Assistance to Children of Grodno resulted the possibility of a visit our country by the needy children of Belarus, during the summer holidays. The children spent their free time at the lake learning the Polish language, Polish history, Polish piece of the world.

"For you, Mom"
The best in the world is my mother, dear mother. We are pleased that together with students of the Primary School No. 12 in Tomaszów Maz. We took part in the District Competition "For you, Mom."
The competition was conducted in three categories: artistic, literary and musical. We are pleased that our award went to such talented young people.

Info-Tech III
For the third time AGAWA.PL had the pleasure to work with the organizers of the National Competition for Secondary Schools INFO-TECH. The final was held in Tomaszow Mazowiecki in Secondary School No. 1. We are glad that our products have found their way to such talented people and as a reward they will assist in the further implementation of passion and dreams of young participants.

Magnetic Wide Ways
The smile on the faces of children is probably the best reward for your help. We are glad particularly that in November 2011 we could give whiteboards, which will serve the students of the Primary School in Wielkie Drogi.

The demand for boards
Boards – an element that has always been associated with the school and education. Students can not imagine their classes without it, and teachers conduct lessons. Request for donating magnetic boards for the 3rd High School in Tomaszów Maz. simply had therefore to be considered positively by us and the school received the necessary materials in October 2011.

The chance for a smile
"Chance" is a Education and Rehabilitation Centre in Piotrkow Trybunalski. Chance for moments of joy for staying kids at the Centre was offered by members of the “Theatre for One Smile”, which organized fun and great spectacle. Our company has made their small “brick”, subsidizing organized party for children, which took place on 29 September 2011.

Getting closer...
Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Deficiency "Closer" reported to us in April 2011 with a request to donate the organization by the visual presentation materials, which will facilitate the work of teaching in an institution. Of course, the products were sent, because we want to be "closer together".

Help for the Children's Home
Develop children artistic skills is possible, if you have the necessary materials to develop their artistic sense. In April 2011 therefore, we decided to donate the paint, plasticine, blocks, books and other stationery to the Children's Home in Tomaszow Mazowiecki.

Pillows for Wrzosik
Children's Home "Wrzosik" gives children the care and great support every single day. To help a little bit daily effort, we gave this institution essential elements of bedding in March 2011.

On winter routes with PTSM
Visiting local sites and enjoying the winter landscapes is a passion of School Club PTSM at Public Primary School in Królowa Wola. The organization of this year's XVIII Winter Rally "Sanna", which took place on 18-19 February 2011 was also supported by our company.

Language weekend in Lubochnia
For the third time, in March weekend, Public High School in Lubochnia (5-6 March 2011) hosted all students who know the power of words and know how important is the knowledge of foreign languages. III Rally "Weekend in Lubochnia in English and German" is a great opportunity to learn and play. We donate products offered by our company as a reward for the knowledge and enthusiasm of the participants.

Children's Friends
In our town, there are still many children remain in a difficult situation, social and material, but not because of their fault. There are only few people who gratuitously help the poorest, so regularly try to support organizations such as the Society of Children's Friends.

Sports struggles of preschoolers
Physical activity is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle, which is why it is so important to do sports from an early age. If so, with a glad we donated T-shirts with individual printouts for children from Kindergarten No. 7 in Tomaszów Maz.

Open day
CIL Wrzeciono is branch of the Association "Open Days". Integration and development of the local community and the fight against unemployment are the main assumptions of the Statute. In September 2010, association was granted by us with printing supplies, which facilitates the preparation of the necessary elements to work.

Colorful world
Non-profit organizations working on behalf of children with cerebral palsy have a lot of needs. Apart from medical equipment or medicines, Foundations also need equipment for daily work with children.

At the request of the Foundation "Colourful World" in August 2010, we funded laminator, necessary to run free Kindergarten for Children with Special Needs. Laminator is needed to make teaching aids (charts, illustrations, puzzles, picture stories) and laminating the symbols used in alternative communication, as children attending "Coloured Kindergarten" don't communicate verbally.

Miss High School
In June of 2009 in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, for the first time was organized Miss High School. The organizers asked us about support, which of course we gave. We congratulate Finalists, and the organizers and wish more equally successful editions of the competition.

Info-Tech for the 2nd time
For the second time students of the Secondary School No. 1 demonstrated knowledge and IT skills. The company AGAWA.PL had the pleasure to work with the organizers of the competition once again. We are glad that our products reach so talented people and as a reward allow to fight for victory with even more passion.

Easter 2009
Association of Parents of Children and People with Disabilities in Tomaszów Mazowiecki meets those who especially need help. Supports, informs, expands awareness, but without help of people of good will these measures may become ineffective. We believe that our gift allow to spend Easter in better conditions, at least one family.

Fulfilled dreams
Fulfilling dreams of children is a difficult task, though no doubt admirable. Foundation of Children's Fantasy brings joy to incurable ill children by financing their fantasies. The company AGAWA.PL gave Binding for the needs of the foundation, so that saved money will be forwarded to the fulfillment of Kids's dreams.

Familiarity with the Internet
1st School Olympiad Knowledge about the Internet is the result of the ingenuity of teachers of the Secondary School No. 2 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Students have shown a rich theoretical knowledge and practical skills in information technology. Our company sponsored prizes – T-shirts for all participants.

Cork boards for schools and kindergartens
Effective and interesting teaching often is due to materials, which is used. Guided by this principle in October 2008, we provided schools and kindergartens from the district Tomaszów in pin boards and magnetic ones.

Volleyball players from the Gastronomic Technical School
The new school year is a time of both learning and interschool sports competitions. IIIa class of Gastronomic Technical School of ZSP No. 2 in Tomaszów played their matches in T-shirts sponsored by AGAWA.PL.

Smile for "Sunshine"
This time the “Theatre for One Smile" for a while caused a joy among the children from the orphanage "Sunshine" in Tomaszow Mazowiecki. We are pleased that through the financial support we could participate in this right initiative (May 2008).

The Students Company KARYKATUREX
Keeping the company and management of its resources is undoubtedly a skill that is acquired years. Second High School in Tomaszów Mazowiecki enables young people to gain experience in managing mini-companies during the lessons of entrepreneurship. AGAWA.PL helped the student's company to spread its wings passing necessary materials for the production of cups with printout (April 2008).

Computer Science Competition
Success in IT competitions is for students one of many ways for development and self-realization. During the competition "Info-Tech" organized by School No. 1 in March 2008, youth showed their skills and knowledge, and our company donated prizes for the final. Congratulations to the winners and wish to the organizers of perseverance in the organization next edition.

Teaching aids for kindergarten
In April 2008, free of charge, we equipped with teaching aids Kindergarten No. 7 in Tomaszów. We prepared a package containing the necessary writing materials and stationery.

"Theatre for One Smile" helps sick children regain hope and return the smile on their faces. For this reason, we decided to support this right initiative once again. This time, we sponsored a presentation for Children Rehabilitation-Educational Center "Chance" (February 2008).

Scout Group ZHP Mr±gowo
Scout Group ZHP Mr±gowo turned to us with a request for a support at the beginning of January 2008. It was concerned with purchasing our products for Scouts purposes after a particularly low prices. Of course, we joined these conditions, so that at least in this way help Scouts and Instructors.

Social Care House in Tomaszów Maz.
At the beginning of 2008 Social Care House in Tomaszów reported to us for a help. Therefore we handed to dependants chemical products and paper for everyday use. By the way, we thank the Director of DPS for received New Year's greetings.

Association "Sunshine"
In October 2007, we forwarded laminating film A4 to the common room for children and young people of school age, at the request of the Association "Sunshine." Materials of this type are required for framing diplomas for children and other documents, and on their purchase they can not afford.

A friend of a child
September 2007 resulted with a title of "A Friend of A Child” given by children with Independent Regional Hospital in Piotrkow Trybunalski. We were one of the sponsors of "Theatre for One Smile," which amused kids their presentation and let them at least for a moment to forget about tiresome diseases.

13th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
Every year we help regularly and have fun together with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. On Sunday, on 9th of January 2005 at the School No. 4 in Tomaszów Maz was held auction of cups prepared by our company, which attracted quite a lot of interest. We put also on our website banner supporting the auctions organized by WO¦P.

"Christmas with AGAWA"
Christmas project of helping poor families from the region of Tomaszow Mazowiecki organized by our company was a great collection of used, useless cartridges for inkjet and laser printers. It was held twice in 2003 and 2004, and joined to it, unfortunately, only individuals. It is worth to mention that our action was joined by the newspaper: COMPUTER PAPER WORLD CD and which media patrons shares.

Synapsis Foundation
In August 2003, Synapsis Foundation came to us for assistance in the implementation of the program "Building and dissemination of model solutions of effective social policies for children with autism and their families based on the experience of NGOs from countries of the European Union, which are the members of Autisme-Europe". In accordance with the wishes we donated 1,000 CD-Rs, which have been used to produce information materials about the problem of autism. Synapsis Foundation is obviously an non-profit organization, if so implementation of programs for people with autism is possible only with help of sponsors.

"Sweet Christmas"
CRN editors, a team of Caritas and our company has decided to continue helping children in the custody of Caritas in Parish of St. Maximilian in Warsaw. The result was an action associated with the most sacred family, which is Christmas. We wanted to sweeten the children of those special days in the year.

CRN editors together with Caritas Team for the second time organized a collection of school supplies to help children in the custody of Caritas in Parish of St. Maximilian in Warsaw. Our company also joined the action. We could thus help to bring a smile on the faces of children, even a little.

Youth for Children - Think soberly
The first stage of our assistance was to support the organization of large regional action “Gift of the Heart” Foundation from Tomaszów Mazowiecki, which aims to collect funds for children with cancer and chronically ill. The action went on under the name "Youth for Children - Think soberly" and its one of the main stages of a charity concert, which was held on 27th of Sept 2002 in the “Włókniarz” cinema in Tomaszow. Due to CD-Rs, supplied by our online shop organizer, “Gift of the Heart” Foundation, has collected a lot of additional funds for sick children. On CD-Rs were obviously works presented at the concert.

Masterpieces within reach
At the beginning of 2003, there was a meeting of our employees with a group of young people, disabled artists from the Center for Occupational Therapy in Tomaszów, who actively paints. Unfortunately, all their works are kept in the proverbial drawer, though they are highly original. On our website we put the work of these talented children. The cost of purchase was for potential buyers really shockingly low, and for the authors was a huge source of pleasure and helped to find confidence.