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Street Art GAWA.PL

AGAWA.PL is a modern and dynamically developing company. Since 1999, we have been providing high quality products in the fields of heat transfer (machines and media for making printouts on t-shirts, balls, metals, mugs and other gadgets), printing (inkjet and laser cartridges, components for cartridge refilling) and visual presentation (office equipment, boards, magnetic accessories).

In Summer 2017 on the facade of the company headquarters was created the first street art painting in Tomaszow Maz. The picture was made by Bartek Swiatecki, who is well known artist and abstract painter in Poland but also in the world. He has been involved in street art since 1996. He creates oil paintings, which are exhibited in many galleries around the world and street art paintings on the walls of buildings in many countries.

Image, which he agreed to paint has an area of about 180 sm. Acrylic paints and sprays were used. The created image is a combination of graffiti and abstraction. Coming to Milenijna Street, everyone will notice the "modernity and uniqueness" of the facade of the building.

Movies and gallery presenting street art on facade of AGAWA.PL by Bartek Swiatecki: