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About Us

Our Mission

Agawa.PL company is one of the leaders in Poland in distributing consumables (inkjet and laser cartridges) for almost every printing device on the market. We also provide materials (toner powder, chips, inks) for remanufacturing the cartridges. Our offer contains also wide range of office equipment. Except that, clients can purchage at Agawa.PL machines and all the materials for making heat transfer or sublimation printouts. What is more – our Product Managers train our clients in heat transfer technology and cartridges remanufacturing process.

Our mission is to supply our clients with wide selection of products provided by secure, modern and international internet store, opened 24/7 !

Our Goals

  • to provide high quality services to our clients
  • honesty and trust
  • dynamism and modernity
  • innovation and professionalism
  • constant development

Our Activities

We are dynamically developing company, operating in the most modern branches of industry. We care about safeness and high quality services, incessantly controlling and developing electronic personal data security related process. Our company is an example of modern internet store, harmonizing security, information and wide selection of products.

Thanks to well qualified, young staff, the company realize its strategic goals. Our clients are welcome to order 24 / 7 and can be sure, that they'll get the same item, they've seen on our website. Quality Specialists check products randomly, due to provide the highest quality to customers.

As a few on polish market, we provide our clients with after-sale services and help on founding new business by supplying them with our know-how. We also organize professional cartridge refurbishing and thermal technology trainings.

We own specialist portal about printing, refurbishing and thermal technology - Druknet.PL, the one and only in Poland. Everyday our Product Specialists, people with many-years experience, give dozens of advices free of charge everyone, who needs competent and comprehensive answer or practical solution .

Apart from products of our partners - prized international companies - we also have to offer products of our own brand ONTI which is well-known in Poland and abroad for its laser and inkjet cartridges. To meet the expectations of our customers we have created a new brand of inks and toners MAXJET, fully secure and not infringing patent rights. Moreover, inks MAXJET have improved performance, which is confirmed by ISO certificates.

We also take part in local community activities, staying open for its needs.

Quality Policy

AGAWA.PL Sp z o.o.
Milenijna Street 38/40 97-200 Tomaszów Maz.
tel. +48 44 725-17-61, fax. +48 44 725-17-65