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SALE - Buy 10 metres of vinyls and choose 1 metre for symbolic 1 cent!

If you purchase at least 10 metres of FLEX film or FLOCK,
you can choose 1 metre of film for symbolic 1 cent in our offer.

When you fill details regarding payment and delivery of order, you are asked to write stock code of proper film in the field: Notes regarding order (placing order: step 2).

Product codeProduct name
6X20GR4BFHeatFlex film olive green - pantone 5605U
6X20PI2BFHeatFlex film icy pink - pantone 670U
6X24CR0BFVarnished HeatFlex - clear
6XN0BK0CF UniFlex A Nature - black
6XN0WH0CF UniFlex A Nature - white
6X30BR0C9Hotmark pantone 476C - brown
6K10BR0C9Flock film - brown
6K10PI0C9Flock film - pink
6X80YE2CFUniFlex A pantone 100C - light yellow
6X5HPI1SRHolographic flex - light pink
6X86YE0CF UniFlex Quick Blocksub - yellow
6X8CBK0CF UniFlex Glossy - black
6X8CWH0CF UniFlex Glossy - white
6X95SM0Q5PIReflective flex - pink
6D2XCR0SRFlex film for solvent printing (clear)