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21st position of Agawa.Pl in the national rating Business Gazelles of the year 2004

p61_gazele.gif8th of December this year is the day when special edition of "Puls Biznesu" published a list of the best Polish companies. The list presents rating of the most succesful businesses in Poland, which not only realize a profit, not only develope dynamically but also has a really good opinion among all the business partners.

With great pleasure we would like to inform that our company Agawa.Pl also was high rated and classified to the group of firms that fullfil following conditions:
  • start the business before 2001;
  • achieve a profit in 2001r not lower than 3 mln PLN and not more than 300 mln PLN;
  • between 2001 - 2003 continous sale growth;
  • showed a profit between 2001 - 2003;
  • published finance statement in "Monitor Polski B";
  • good opinion in the Coface Intercredit Poland.
What is more, our company was rated on the 21-st position in regional classification.