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Agawa.PL in ReachargEast magazine

The most significant gap between Eastern and Western European remanufacturing industries consist in the number of the companies and quality of their policies, especially of those directly referring to relations with clients. Most Polish companies consider sale volumes much more important than customers satisfaction. This attitude leads to low prices attended with low quality, and, hence, to a very negative reputation of the recycling industry in general. For instance, the most typical feature of the Polish recycling market is the great number of companies competing by means of low prices. This situation is rather embarrassing for large companies paying careful attention to the quality of their products, since cheaper items prove quite competitive. Agawa.Pl Sp. z o.o. is one of the biggest Polish companies, which are conversant with this problem and successfully cope with it. However, in order to improve yhe image of our industry and to be efficient in our trade, we should further revise our way of thinking and our attitude towards business as a whole.
On the other hand, the image of our industry is continually being damaged by the illegal recycling of cartridges. Yet, illegal business is not a promisong perspective. Furthermore, it applies to all industry branches, so we are not alone in fighting against this tendency. It is another reason for all of us to improve the image of our companies in order that clients may distinguish between high-quality and counterfeit recycled products. The main problem is that even big companies that presently enjoy a good reputation also participate in similar activities, not considering the fact that quick profits are short-term ones.
Therefore original equipment manufacturers shall direct their attention towards the aspects of illegal production instead of confronting the imaging supplies recycling industry. The antagonism between OEMs and rechargers may even turn into a mutually beneficial collaboration, having in mind that they produce identical products aimed at different market segments.
Another way of uniting the worldwide recycling industry is the cooperation between Western and Eastern companies, which is already a fact in Poland. The elimination of borders and custom limitations within the expanding European Union facilitates the transfer of know-how, people and products, thus opening new vistas for such collaboration and enhancing market opportunities and the freedom of choosing the right suppliers and dealers both on a national and an international level.
Besides, companies which have already established themselves on the market should consider participating in non-commercial activities, such as sponsorships, trade fairs and conferences so as to sustain their positive image. A practical example of this concept is our Christas with Agawa project representing a campaign for collecting and selling used-up inkjet and laser cartridges, the sales incomes being allocated for the purchase of Christmas gifts for children from poor Polish families. Through the fulfillment of similar socially oriented projects our company proves that it plays a worthy role in promoting our industry.

Więcej w RechargEast Magazine, December 2004.