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CFS - Continuous Flow System for printers

The Piezo inkjet technology used in engines produced by Epson makes it possible to install and operate continuous flow systems, which is not complicated at all. The ink flows from external containers through flexible pipes directly to the printing head. This by far reduces printing costs and eliminate the need to install a new cartridge every time we run out of just one colour.

When using the continuous flow system you just add the colour ink you need to the revelant container. Buying larger ink bottles makes further savings.

Agawa.Pl being the inkjet operation specialist offers two ways if adapting your engine for the CFS:
- We sell CFS kits ready to be installed - "Do it yourself" option; or
- We install the CFS in the customers engines.

The CFS kit contains all items needed to adapt a printer for using the bulk ink. The instalation process is not too complex and popular printer users should not have any problems with that. The guidelines in Polish provide you with step by step procedures.

We also serve our customers needs and install the CFS directly in the customers printers.

For more information please contact: www.termotransfer.pl

RechargEast Magazine, May 2004.