Workplace ergonomics

Every year many thousands of people complain about pain connecting with bad condition at work with computer. The main problems are: chronic back pain, muscles and eyes fatigue. Many of this problem are caused by wrong organization of workspace.

In our offer you can find a wide range of product which are designed in the most ergonomical way. They will help you find your comfort zone and eliminate all pains.

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Universal Copy Holder with Arm and Base Plate

30,10 € net

37,02 € gross
Universal Copy Holder with Extended Swivel Arm and Clamp

44,88 € net

55,20 € gross
Phone arm Elegant

79,91 € net

98,29 € gross
Phone arm Classic

83,70 € net

102,95 € gross
Phone arm Classic

83,70 € net

102,95 € gross

27,90 € net

34,32 € gross

44,11 € net

54,25 € gross
Footrest with heating

117,46 € net

144,48 € gross

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